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In order for us to give people who have addiction their best opportunity to be alive in recovery, “the public” must show up in ways that will change this game forever, and end the “public health crisis of addiction.”

#BeAnOpportunity is about that. A mind shift to motivate the public to take action in a collaborative, innovative and positive way. Berndatte Gleeson is spreading the message throughout the country.

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Opportunities are everywhere. Every single one of us can harness the power and agency in order to “Be An Opportunity” for people who have drug or alcohol addiction and people in recovery. No matter where that person is in their recovery, we have the power to be the light instead of pushing people further into darkness – which is where addiction breeds.

Discover below on how you can #BeAnOpportunity and join the mind shift.

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Bernadette Gleeson captivates audiences as a fierce recovery innovator and speaker.

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Learn how you can join the #BeAnOpportunity worldwide movement and be the light to directly impact someone’s opportunity to be alive in recovery today.

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“Every time we turn our back from someone struggling with a substance use disorder and sit out of the game, we create darkness. I need you to get in the game! I need you to change the game. This is NOT the responsibility of just one person (just family or friends)…that has NEVER been enough, and it is not enough. It is the responsibility of all!”

Bernadette Gleeson, Founder & Director of #Vuja De of BAO Communications

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About Bernadette Gleeson, Founder & Director of #Vuja De of BAO Communications

Bernadette is a social entrepreneur, as well as a gifted and experienced speaker, who presents powerful and innovative messages and solutions in the area of Addiction Recovery.

With accomplished experience in the public and private sector working as a Professional Recovery Coach, Recovery Specialist, Recovery Advocate, and a Recovery Consultant, Educator and Trainer, Bernadette’s goal is to transform the cultural landscape in how we interact with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). Ultimately shifting the hearts and minds of how we think, feel, and talk about overcoming SUDs.

To share this epic movement, Bernadette has formed the “Be An Opportunity” campaign where she is harnessing the power of community and agencies to deliver a powerful, positive, and effective approach on servicing the “public health crisis of addiction.”

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BAO Communications Team

<h4>Bernadette Gleeson</h4>

Bernadette Gleeson

Founder & Speaker

<h4>Irina Owens</h4>

Irina Owens

Strategic Trailblazer


Read what people are saying about Bernadette Gleeson!

You do not have to be in recovery to support the necessary changes to the recovery movement. We all know someone that we wish we could have helped. Hold that someone in your heart and share this so that another family, person, community can #beanopportunity for someone they love! Bernadette Gleeson you rock! Thank you Bernadette for your passion, humor and commitment to shifting the perspective about addition. I am so grateful for your time today. If you know someone in recovery or in need of recovery please listen and open your heart to a new perspective
Jackie Mitchell, Director of Operations, W.S. Badger
This speaker gave an excellent presentation on a very radical new way to look at the problem. I would recommend her. I would be interested in a follow up session on how to work with the people who ar being affected by people living with addiction.
Be An Opportunity Session Attendee
Bernadette engages her audience the moment she enters the room. The information she shares comes from timely research data, personal experiences and intuitive heartfelt knowledge. She presents with a positive and optimistic approach at all times. She motivates and inspires her audience to be better individuals and offers hope that we, as community members, can then support  each other by working together.
Amy Jeroy, Public Health Director, NC Health Care Consortium
Bernadette was amazing. I felt more confident in my ability to assist those dealing with substance use when I left. This session was relevant to anyone – regardless of where they are coming from and the work they are doing.
Be An Opportunity Session Attendee

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