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<h2>Bernadette Gleeson</h2>

Bernadette Gleeson

Recovery Innovator - Speaker - Educator

Bernadette Gleeson is a fierce advocate for recovery as well as a gifted public speaker in all areas related to addiction recovery, community, and really teaching us all “how to show up human for other humans.” Her presentations are motivational, inspiring, fun, engaging, heartfelt, and impactful to all those who hear them – literally galvanizing people into action.

Bernadette’s ultimate goal is to transform the cultural landscape in how we interact with people who have a Substance Use Disorder., ultimately shifting the hearts and minds of how we think, feel, and talk about overcoming SUDs – so that they become “recovery carriers” and transform the culture. To fulfill that endeavor, Bernadette has created the “#BeAnOpportunity” mind shift and BAO Communications to harness the power of community and the “public” in the “public health crisis” that is addiction. Bernadette believes that we can end this crisis – together – and thus, we all need to learn the ways to “be an opportunity” for someone and directly impact them being alive in recovery today. She delivers a simple, yet powerful message and approach to transform culture and having all becoming a beacon of light and opportunity.

Bernadette previously worked as Director of Recovery Development for HOPE for NH Recovery and prior to that was the founder and CEO of Trek Limitless Recovery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her years of experience include work in the public and private sector as a professional recovery coach, recovery specialist, recovery advocate, and recovery consultant. She has her MA in Professional Communication (with her thesis focusing entirely on the research and language of addiction recovery), BA in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, and a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies from Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. She is a Certified Professional Coach, receiving her certification in 2013 from the world- renowned coaching school, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

When Bernadette is not busy changing the world one person at a time, you can find her relaxing with a good book, walking along a New Hampshire beach, or exploring her new surroundings in New England.

<h2>Irina Owens</h2>

Irina Owens

Strategic Trailblazer

Irina Owens is the “glue that holds everything together”.  These words have always been used to describe the determined and unique ways that Irina has in making sure that all aspects of an office or an organization are running smoothly and the staff and/or people served feel valued and respected.   She is the co-founder of BAO Communications and brings to the table an extensive knowledge of procedural, operational, organizational, event planning, and scheduling skills.

Irina previously worked as Executive Assistant for the HOPE for NH Recovery organization.  She assisted in the operation of the Manchester Center and supported members and staff on a daily basis.  Prior to HOPE, Irina worked as Outreach Coordinator/NH Scheduler for U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte where she created, planned, and implemented the Senator’s in-state meetings events, and appearances.

She has a family member in long-term recovery and has enjoyed immensely watching her family’s growth throughout the recovery journey.  As a family member in recovery, Irina is able to provide compassion and insight into what family members may be experiencing and feeling.

Irina is originally from the Bronx but has lived in New Hampshire for over 25 years and considers it her chosen home.  She is married, has three adult children, and resides in Brookline, NH.

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