Family as an Opportunity

Family as Opportunities
  • Your love is generally seen as “unconditional,” as in it is “not going anywhere.” Much of the current messaging to Family would say that because of this fact, you can be easily manipulated. Instead, we say that because of this it can be a powerful motivation for the person with Alcohol or other Drug problems and/or someone with a Substance Use Disorder.
  • Family members have the historical reference to really acknowledge and validate in ways that no one else has the scope to do in their lives. You, quite often, were present (at the very least, within the time period) during any pain, memories, and/or trauma that your loved one may have experienced.
  • You will always have the ability to feel like “home” for the person you love. Even if you have not connected for some time, or if the relationship has been a bit estranged, the vast majority of people that you love will want to connect again, and come back “home.”

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