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Here are 10 simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to #BeAnOpportunity! To join, choose a number below, take a picture of yourself holding up the number, and share the love on social media using hashtag:

#BeAnOpportunity #handled

Choose Your Opportunity

1. Get a Cup of Coffee

Bring that person a cup of coffee or meet at a local cafe for a coffee date.

2. Pick Up the Phone and Call or Text

Send that person a text or call them to share that you are thinking about them.

3. Go For a Dinner Date

Take that person for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

4. Take an Adventure

Go for a walk, bike or hike. Invite that person into the world of things you love. Invite them to things they love or used to enjoy, once you learn what those are.

5. Share Your Gratitude

Share your feelings or thank that person for calling or texting you back. Share your feelings about what it means to you when you see them.

6. Point Out the Positive

Acknowledge and praise their activities or behaviors that they are currently doing that are healthy for them or that they have said are important to them.

7. Listen

Listen to that person. Remind them that they are not crazy and not alone – that it makes sense that they feel the way they feel.

8. Ask Questions

Ask a question, get curious. This will allow you to get to know them today for a deeper understanding and connection.

9. Brainstorm

Offer to walk with that person on their journey. While doing so, offer to brainstorm ideas on what they think could help them.

10. Give a High Five

Offer a hug, a high-five, a fist pound and let them know that you are not going anywhere. You are here, and you see who they truly are – right now and always.

Have questions about what you can do to be the light for someone you know? Or simply want to share your #BeAnOpportunity Story?

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